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Complete Home Organizing


Comprehensive Assessment

Family-friendly Solutions*

Space Design + Styling

Pantry Overhaul 

Closet Resets

Attic Attention
File System Setup
Digital + Photo Organizing 

Donation of Items

Product Recommendations

Personal Shopping 

*yes, you can do this with kids, pets... and even a spouse!


From taming your closet and refreshing your wardrobe, to getting to the bottom of last year’s pile of magazines (or bills!) – it's doable, fun and oh-so worth it.

Let's see what's going on

At our first meeting, we take an integrated look at your home to hone in on where we could create the most Breathing Room first.  We then evaluate each space to see how it’s being used – what works, what doesn’t?  Is it efficient and simple?  Does it make sense for your lifestyle or does it make you want to shut the door and run?  We then create a plan of action to make it a space you actually look forward to retreating to.​

Action time

During each session, we work together to sort, edit and organize.  I help navigate the editing process of assessing whether objects stay or go.  If they stay, are they in the most functional spot?  After the editing is complete, we then determine how to maximize for space and efficiency.  Finally, we can add more of your style back into the space, taking your home from Pinterest board to reality. 

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