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Part Time Organizer

Wanna join the team?!

This might be a great fit if you're...

You probably already check this box if you're reading this. But being organized for this role also means always being on time, and being able to organize your time on-site in order to get the job done. Of course, having a good eye for the aesthetics of organizing is a plus!


Since this is a job that requires being in homes and interacting with clients, being thoughtful, respectful, and easy to talk to are essential. 

You must have the ability to find solutions that work for each unique client, in addition to troubleshooting in the moment.

This isn’t your typical 9-5. Job will be project-based, and some days might require 5 hours, while others require 9. 

About the position...

  • Work alongside me and other team members, on location for clients

  • Need access to transportation

  • Must be local – within the Bay Area

  • Part time, with the opportunity to grow into a larger position over time, such as Lead Organizer

  • Work with clients to help customize organization systems for that fit their lifestyle

  • Willingness to learn the Breathing Room way 

  • Must work well in a team environment and know how to take direction

Open Positions


Part Time Organizer

To Apply:

Please send the following information to

  • Position applying for

  • Name

  • Location

  • Brief educational background

  • Why you love organizing

  • A 2-4 minute video introducing yourself and explaining why you'd be a great fit for this position and the Breathing Room team. 

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you!

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