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2021 Breathing Room Gift Guide

Every year I love creating this list because it's so fun to share items that I truly love – items I've been given as gifts, items I want to give... or even a few things I'm secretly (not so secretly now!) hoping my husband will pick up on. :)

None of these items are affiliate linked – meaning I get NO commission from the sale of anything. They are simply items I love – and I hope you and your loved ones will enjoy too.

For the Hostess

Have you ever seen such pretty cookies? Nope, neither have I!

Always a favorite of mine... and always something I bring with me to a gathering.

I love a big, beautiful wreath – what a nice way to be greeted at a front door.

For the Homebody

The thought of coming home and cuddling up with these slippers would make anyone a homebody!

Love the color, the size, and texture... a new favorite.

This candle will look good in any home – and they all smell amazing.

For the Traveler

I was gifted this for my birthday and it's the best weekender bag I've had.

These are even better when you add initials!

To uplevel your travel bags... and really, anything Clare V.

For the Foodie

This will be given this year to a few people I know!

Who doesn't love good olive oil? And a beautiful design – this is the perfect combo.

These are not only super functional, but they also add beauty to your counters.

For the Busy Mom

A meal that is prepared and delivered?! Every mom's dream. Honestly, if you give this gift to a mom, you'll be her new best friend.

No explanation needed. This is amazing.

There's two things I put on the Breathing Room Gift Guide every year – one is wine, the other is a flower subscription. It's a lovely, non-cluttering gift that keeps bringing joy throughout the year.

For your Mom / Mother-in-Law

I love Maya Brenner jewelry, and the word plate collection is my favorite – you can choose from Mom, Mimi, Nana,

This is such a special gift – and you can customize so many details of them to really fit the lovely lady you're gifting them to.

Add a few branches and this will be the showpiece of any room.

For Your Design-Loving Friend

I never get tired of flipping through these pages for inspiration... or just to daydream.

Beautiful alone, or atop a stack of coffee table books.

This is the smaller size of the Studio Roller I've installed in client's art and playrooms. It could be used in a kitchen for lists, an office for notes... or any space you want to be creative in!

For Your Guy

These mugs are sleek and actually do the job of keeping your coffee hot all day. I love mine.

This is an instant favorite – super functional, and looks nice sitting out!

Whether you put a bottle of wine, a few beers or some Topo Chico's, this beverage bucket brings style to any gathering.

For the Teacher

Because they need to write down their next vacation in something pretty.

You just get it.

Our best friends own this amazing coffee shop and roastery up in Bend, OR, so of course I'm going to include their coffee subscription here :)

For the Kids

Love Heather Taylor Home textiles... and what's cuter than a mini apron? And mom can get one to match!

This one's a personal favorite of mine. Partly because it's my first product collaboration but also because anyone in your life would love a "happy place" flag.

Such a fun book and such cute illustrations – kids and parents love this book.

Hope you all got a few ideas from this list! Happy holidays!

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