Creating Breathing Room for the Holidays

Remember when holidays were fun and didn't make our heads spin with lists of to-do's? I feel like too often we say, or hear from friends, “I’m so glad the holidays are over – I’m exhausted.” Or a sentiment along those lines. On November 1st we’re excited to wear sweaters, light a fire, and dive into festive family activities… but by December 26th we’re maxed out and ready to lock ourselves in the bathroom. Between school activities, family photos, overspending on gifts, a full social schedule, and visitors, it makes sense we’re tired.

And all those things listed above are good in and of themselves. What isn’t so great is when we say yes when we want to say no, when we stay up way too late trying to make things perfect, when we put our self care of the back-burner, and when we feel bummed because we know we’re not really present.