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Denim Guide

Seven years ago when I started Breathing Room, I never expected to be writing a denim guide... and I definitely wouldn't have expected so many requests to create one. But since people want to know my favorite jeans as much as they want to know how I organize deep pantries (I get that one a ton), here you go!

Also – I LOVE jeans. I love them more than stretchy yoga pants (can we still be friends?). They're just simple – easy to style, and doesn't require a ton of thought. That's absolutely necessary in my life right now. Also, they make me feel like I'm trying – even just a little bit... which I also need too... especially when I have 2 days of dry shampoo in my hair and my nail polish is chipped (and then some).

My requirements for denim include:

  • Comfort  – since I wear them all day: while organizing closets, going to soccer practices, or sitting on zoom calls)

  • Durability – they need to withstand my activity level and the aerobics that go into organizing homes (it's no joke)

  • Style – of course

  • Flattering – I'm a mom of 3 little kids... some things just aren't the same as they used to be ;)

Here they are...

Overall favorite

Top: J Crew

Sandals: Freedom Moses

Best style

Top: ATM

Shoes: Golden Goose

Most flattering

Sweatshirt: J Crew

Shoes (first pics): Veja (second pic): Golden Goose

Most comfortable

Top: Vince

Sandals: Freedom Moses

Best black denim

Top: Madewell

Shoes: Golden Goose

So if you're a denim lover like me, this list will make you really happy... and even if you're not, you might now finally find a pair you actually like!

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