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2022 Breathing Room Gift Guide

Each year I love creating this list because it's so fun to share items that I truly love – items I've been given as gifts, items I want to give... or even a few things I'm secretly (not so secretly now!) hoping my husband will pick up on.:)

Any of these items will be sure to make the recipient feel special. Happy holidays, friends!

For the Hostess

Fresh Lambs Ear + Eucalyptus Holiday Wreath

Earth & Element Single Serving Bowl

Chef's Kiss Gift Set

For the Homebody

Johanna Howard Home Cozi Throw

The Bootie Slipper

Eat Drink Nap: Bringing the House Home

For the Traveler

Sweet July x UnoEth Suede Wrap Jewelry Traveler

Aespo Arrival Travel Kit

Cuyana Tech Carryall

For the Foodie

Hedley & Bennett Chef's Knives Set

Earth & Element Butter Dish

Sunday Supers

For Your Festive Friend

Ina Garten Mini Tree

Embroidered Hoop

Mini Gingham Multicolor Garland

For your Mom / Mother-in-Law

Nana Sweater

Sugar Paper Pickleball Paddle Set

Minimalist Soap & Lotion

For Your Design-Loving Friend

Ceramic Bell with Velvet Ribbon

Bolga Basket with Black Leather Handle

Zoli Ceramic Candle Holders

For Your Guy

Craft Muddler

Elevated Coffee Set

Apasco Mezcal Bottles

For Your Fashionable Friend

Bartlet Blue Checker Knit Beanie

Imogen Small Soft Convertible Crossbody

Erica Tanov Fringe Collar

For the Teacher

Nécessaire - The Hand Cream

Vutruvi Holiday Bundle

Mast Chocolate Collection

For the Kids

Manhattan Block Set


Olli Ella Strollie

Hope you all got a few ideas from this list! Happy holidays!

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