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5 Simple Tips to Organize Your Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are one of those areas that can attract piles quickly. Pockets are emptied, socks and shoes are chucked, backpacks are dumped, and now, masks are flung. Laundry on it’s own can be a daunting task – then add to that a chaotic space... No wonder laundry sits in baskets for days (or weeks!).

I’m here to help change that! Here are my top five simple ways to transform your laundry room from a mess-stress-magnet to a xyz.

1. Clear your surfaces by creating a home for everything. Look around your space and take inventory of the biggest clutter culprits. For many people it’s backpacks/purses, clothes laid flat to dry, backstock, and good ol’ randomness.

  • Hang hooks on the wall or back of door for backpacks and pursesStore back stock in cabinets or drawers

  • Install a drying poll between cabinets, or purchase a fold-up wall rack. This will ensure you’re not using up space with a clunky drying rack in the middle of the room, and also that your blouses aren’t taking up much needed counter space.

  • Buy baskets for the cabinets to store laundry backstock in categories.

  • Have a “find a home” basket for all the items that get dumped out of pockets. Designate one day a week to walk around your house putting items back where they belong.

Keep items corralled. Whether it’s your laundry products, towels, or masks – keep them all together within their categories. Store your laundry products on a tray, store cleaning towels in a basket, and masks in a basket…

2. Have a “clean” and “dirty” basket for masks. I remember buying my first mask thinking I’d only need one of two. Oh, what a sweet thought! Now we have more masks than we have scrunchies, which says a lot since I have a 6 year old girl! Since we’re not sure how long we’ll have to have masks, and because they can easily get lost in the laundry mix, it’s super helpful to have them sorted in their own area. Place a mesh laundry bag in a basket for the dirty masks. Once it gets full, toss it in the wash. The laundry bag will ensure they stay together and in good condition. Once clean, place them in the clean basket for family members to easily grab. No one wants to smell the funk of yesterday’s mask ;)

3. One of the biggest – and quickest – upgrades you can make in your laundry room is to decant your laundry tools into containers that you enjoy looking at. If you currently have a mishmash of tools like Stain Brushes, Stain Bars, and Mesh Washing Bags laying around, it’s bound to make the whole room look a little disheveled. Having coordinated containers on the counter is easier on the eyes, and easier to access. And shopping for effective and naturally chic looking laundry detergent and fabric care solutions that you won’t mind leaving out will make things that much prettier.

4. Invest in a quality laundry sorter. It’s okay if you have your dirty laundry out – but what it’s hanging out in will make a huge difference in the feel of the space. Invest in well-made laundry sorters that you love using (and looking at) every day. Sorters also help you (and family) members pre-sort laundry so it’s easier to quickly toss it all in when it’s full.

5. Stick to a color scheme. In this busy space with lots of colors going in and out, adding any sense of calm will help – and this can easily be done by selecting a color scheme and sticking to it. I’m a fan of neutrals which create a sense of space and ease. Go for natural fiber baskets, white wire bins, and glass canisters.

Of course, adding any products from The Laundress will not only add that extra special touch, but they will also leave your space and clothes smelling oh-so-lovely. Happy laundering, friends!



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