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An Organized Home Learning Space (Part 2)

Yes, a part 2... only by high demand. But I'll keep this one short – I know you came for the links :)

In August I posted all about how to create an organized home learning space. So why a part 2? Well, part 1 was created before I had actually set up my own space. I had ordered a desk for my first grader since the only desk in our home was my own, and I didn't want to repeat the Spring situation of our dining room becoming the school room. But the desk, like most desks being ordered in mass quantities around the world, was backordered. So with my own learning space plans in mind, and some organizing expertise, I shared everything I could for all the parents out there seeking direction to quickly setup a learning area before the zoom bell rang.

Now that we're a month into school, I'm sharing exactly what my own space looks like and the all products we're using. Oh, and the funny thing – I decided to cancel the desk I ordered. I realized that I didn't really need a new desk, and I didn't want more furniture that I hopefully won't need in a month (yes, that is 100% wishful –and desperate – thinking that kids will be back in school). So I moved my office (using that word very lightly since my "office" is in my 1-year-old's room... super productive) desk into the dinning room, borrowed our breakfast table chairs, and called it a day.

My desk in my "office"... before moving into the dinning room

Here's the scoop on exactly what I used to create our space...

What we already had:

What I purchased:

So there you have it! I'm not going to make you continue reading all about how I organized everything. You can find all that here in the original post.

Happy schooling... wherever you are! And let's all hope that kids can be physically in front of teachers very very soon... even if these cute desk set-ups stay. They'll make awesome after-school homework stations :)

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