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Breathing Room Gift Guide

You asked for a Breathing Room Gift guide – and you shall receive! Now it's your turn to give your loved ones gifts that will give them the warm and fuzzies we all need this time of year... especially this year. In this guide you'll find items I personally love, or would absolutely love receiving. Beyond that, all of the items on this list are low-clutter, can be used daily, or contribute to a good cause. What's not to love about all of that? So get ready to be everyone's favorite joy-spreader. Happy Holidays!

For Her

Let's all plan on a better 2021, okay? And while we're at it, let's help all our friends and loved ones plan out a sunny year too. My hands-down favorite planner is Sugar Paper's concealed planner. I've been using it for five years and despite being fully connected to my digital calendar, there's just nothing better than putting pen to paper... especially when it's beautiful thick paper with lovely print.

Last March I thought face masks would be gone by the summer (weep), but they are here to stay... at least during the winter. We might as well be safe... but make it chic. These Cuyana masks with their signature gold button will make even a trip to the grocery store feel fancy... even if you're in your yoga pants.

I'm not a candle girl... unless it's a Homesick candle. These little glass jars full of memories are just soooo good. From their nostalgic scents to some of the hilarious labels, I'm a huge fan – and so will anyone on your list. They are especially poignant this year if you know someone who can't make it home. You can find a candle with their city on it, or even one called "Grandma's Kitchen".

No matter the time of year, flowers are one of the best gifts you can give – they instantly uplift any room and they create ZERO clutter. The only way to make this a more perfect gift would be to name it "the minimalist bouquet." Any girlfriend, mom or sister on your list will be overjoyed to receive this beautiful bunch.

For Him

If we're still going to be dining in over the holidays, might as well provide the guy in your life with fresh ideas of meals to whip up. This is one of those gifts like a husband giving a wife a vacuum (not okay, unless it's a Roomba), everyone benefits... especially you. Alison Roman's debut cookbook features 125 recipes for simple, of-the-moment dishes that are full of quickie techniques. Yes please!

Sensing a theme? Masks have replaced socks as the gift everyone in the family gets (my mom still gets us socks and toothbrushes). These masculine-modern masks from Everlane are not only super comfortable, but they also serve a good cause: for every 100% Human product sold, Everlane will donate 10% to the ACLU, which fights to protect fundamental freedoms for the past 100 years.

Any of the stunning minimalist mugs from this Oregon-based artist will be sure to become your favorite guy's favorite drink ware. You know, the kind of mug the no one else better use, lest you're forced to use a second-tier mug. This is it.

I started the guy's list with a cookbook and I'm ending it with wine... sounds like a good night, right? And this wine is easily my favorite (my husband's too!). This year Sophie Jame's has created gift boxes of her beautiful and delicious wines so that now non-members can enjoy the Sophie experience. You can choose from a trio of all roses, all reds, or a mix. Cheers!

For Home

I'm sucker for beautiful bottles and Kept has hit it out the park with their packaging. I love everyday essentials that I can gladly keep on the counter. And since we're all striving to keep our surroundings a little cleaner and tidier, this is the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

It's sweater season, but most of us don't want to head to the dry cleaner (especially now that we're not dropping off work clothes regularly). Help your friends and loved ones take care of their wool and cashmere at home with my favorite kit from the laundress. It keeps your cozy knits in perfect condition, smells amazing, plus it comes with a mesh bag which comes in very handy for washing all those masks!

We could all use a little more comfort this holiday season, especially if we're not able to get our fill of our favorite family comfort food. If you know a busy family or basically any family who could use the gift of a cooked meal, this is the perfect gift. The Holiday Hygge Soup Package is not only super (I really wanted to write souper... so I just did) delicious, but it's also beautifully packaged, making it a fun gift for the whole family to unpack and enjoy.

I love olive trees! I use the branches from my backyard as an embellishment on every gift I give. It smells good, looks good, and is just a little bit more modern. So I was thrilled when I saw that Club Botanic made a full wreath... with gorgeous blue thistle added. This festive yet chic wreath will make any doorstep more festive and welcoming.

For Littles

I received my first Year Cheer box last holiday and it was a huge hit with all my kids. For the relatively small size of the box, it's magically packed with every decoration, game and goodie you could want to make your kid's holiday more merry and bright. We loved ours so much that we got the New Years Eve box too, and since we have three little kids and are all in bed before the ball drops, we were able to ring in the new year with the perfectly little party-in-a-box.

Another gift I can vouch for – I've been a huge fan of Imani Collective banners for years. Each of my kids have one hanging in their room. They are simple and oh-so-sweet. But it gets better – Imani Collective employs over eighty Kenyan women + men who make each lovely item (they sign their name on the back too!). I love that each little banner has a backstory and it provides an opportunity to have a conversation with my kids about doing good, working hard and creating connection around the world.

I couldn't leave the kids out! These masks, which also come in prints for boys, are my favorite. They come in the cutest prints and also have adjustable ear straps to fit the littlest kiddo.

Wow, I think this is the most "organize-y" (real word) thing on this list. And you might be thinking, "but would a kid really want this?" Well, give it to a mom who will appreciate the fact that you're not giving their kiddo another battery-operated gift that they'll play with for 3.5 hours and forget about. See, it's a gift for mom and kiddo :) There are various types of keepsake boxes, but I love the School Year box. Whether your student is learning at home or at school, you inevitably end up with piles of papers. While many of them will be recycled, this box allows you to store special items in a beautiful and organized way.

**this guide was not sponsored by any brands mentioned. It is 100% my own, non-paid for opinion :)

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