Breathing Room Gift Guide

You asked for a Breathing Room Gift guide – and you shall receive! Now it's your turn to give your loved ones gifts that will give them the warm and fuzzies we all need this time of year... especially this year. In this guide you'll find items I personally love, or would absolutely love receiving. Beyond that, all of the items on this list are low-clutter, can be used daily, or contribute to a good cause. What's not to love about all of that? So get ready to be everyone's favorite joy-spreader. Happy Holidays!

For Her

Sugar Paper 2021 Planner

Let's all plan on a better 2021, okay? And while we're at it, let's help all our friends and loved ones plan out a sunny year too. My hands-down favorite planner is Sugar Paper's concealed planner. I've been using it for five years and despite being fully connected to my digital calendar, there's just nothing better than putting pen to paper... especially when it's beautiful thick paper with lovely print.

Cuyana Face Masks

Last March I thought face masks would be gone by the summer (weep), but they are here to stay... at least during the winter. We might as well be safe... but make it chic. These Cuyana masks with their signature gold button will make even a trip to the grocery store feel fancy... even if you're in your yoga pants.

Homesick Candles

I'm not a candle girl... unless it's a Homesick candle. These little glass jars full of memories are just soooo good. From their nostalgic scents to some of the hilarious labels, I'm a huge fan – and so will anyone on your list. They are especially poignant this year if you know someone who can't make it home. You can find a candle with their city on it, or even one called "Grandma's Kitchen".

The Minimalist Bouquet from Farmgirl Flowers

No matter the time of year, flowers are one of the best gifts you can give – they instantly uplift any room and they create ZERO clutter. The only way to make this a more perfect gift would be to name it "the minimalist bouquet." Any girlfriend, mom or sister on your list will be overjoyed to receive this beautiful bunch.

For Him

Dining In: Highly Cookable Recipes: A Cookbook

If we're still going to be dining in over the holidays, might as well provide the guy in your life with fresh ideas of meals to whip up. This is one of those gifts like a husband giving a wife a vacuum (not okay, unless it's a Roomba), everyone benefits... especially you. Alison Roman's debut cookbook features 125 recipes for simple, of-the-moment dishes that are full of quickie techniques. Yes please!

Everlane Face Masks

Sensing a theme? Masks have replaced socks as the gift everyone in the family gets (my mom still gets us socks and toothbrushes). These masculine-modern masks from Everlane are not only super comfortable, but they also serve a good cause: for every 100% Human product sold, Everlane will donate 10% to the ACLU, which fights to protect fundamental freedoms for the past 100 years.

Sandbox Ceramics Mugs

Any of the stunning minimalist mugs from this Oregon-based artist will be sure to become your favorite guy's favorite drink ware. You know, the kind of mug the no one else better use, lest you're forced to use a second-tier mug. This is it.

Sophie James Wine

I started the guy's list with a cookbook and I'm ending it with wine... sounds like a good night, right? And this wine is easily my favorite (my husband's too!). This year Sophie Jame's has created gift boxes of her beautiful and delicious wines so that now non-members can enjoy the Sophie experience. You can choose from a trio of all roses, all reds, or a mix. Cheers!

For Home

Kept Care Package

I'm sucker for beautiful bottles and Kept has hit it out the park with their packaging. I love everyday essentials that I can gladly keep on the counter. And since we're all striving to keep our surroundings a little cleaner and tidier, this is the perfect gift for anyone on your list.