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Collaboration with Imani Collective

I am so excited for this day to finally be here! My first product collaboration so near and dear to my heart — a banner designed by me, and made by a beautiful, impactful brand. I could say the start of this collaboration was at the beginning of last year when I reached out to Imani's team, but it started much longer ago...

In 2017, I stumbled upon Imani's banners on Instagram and fell in love – especially with on in particular that said "Girl, you're a world changer." I instantly knew I needed one for my daughter Ella's room, then three years old. I also knew I needed to buy one for every girl mom I knew!

When my World Changer banner arrived, I flipped it over and saw a little label that said "made by ______" with a hand written name on it that read "Julie." I was so touched by the sweet handwritten name that I immediately went online and started to read all about Imani Collection's mission:

After understanding the heart of this small yet mighty company, my affinity for Imani was now much more than just a cute flag.

So where does a home organizing business fit in here? Simple: over the last seven years of owning this incredible company, I've had numerous clients tell me "this is my happy place" after seeing their freshly organized closet/pantry/office/craft room/playroom, etc. What an honor for me to help create a "happy place" for people. I knew I wanted to create something that celebrated this sentiment – for myself and others. Naturally, Imani came to mind.

The Imani team graciously welcomed my idea to collaborate on a flag and were (amazingly!) open to all my ideas – the quote, my design, my ideas for spreading the word. Most importantly, I wanted them to know I wanted ALL proceeds to go to the creative, hardworking, lovely artisans who would be making the banners.

So here we are – launch date of my first product collaboration, and I couldn't be more proud of what has been created, but more importantly – WHY.

I can't wait to see where you put your banners! Please share your happy places by tagging and using the hashtag #thisismyhappyplace.

Thank you for your support!

With love, Holly

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