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Fall Wardrobe Essentials

There's so much to love about fall. After months of heat, we are all ready for the feeling of cool air... and the ability to bundle up under some layers. There’s something so satisfying and comforting about putting the shorts and swimsuits away and getting out the boots and cozy sweaters. So it makes total sense that this blog post was the most in-demand I’ve ever had.

Since you’re here for the pictures and links, I’ll give you the goods:

If there’s one must-have on this list, it’s this black jumpsuit from Alex Mill. It’s my go-to on any day where I want to feel put together, but my brain just can’t form an outfit. It’s incredibly comfy and flattering too!

Calling all cuddle-lovers – this pullover from The Great is for you. It’s like a warm hug that makes you feel like you’re still wearing your jammies, while actually making you look pulled-together.

If there’s one style trend I’m loving right now it’s checks and gingham. This Ulla Johnson top has been one of my favorites. The color, sleeves and thread details just make it more unique than any of my other basic tops.

I know the very wide look is in. Maybe someday I'll embrace it, but I'm not quite there yet. For now, I love this pair of Remi Hudson Jeans. I've owned a darker pair for almost 2 years now and I recently bought another pair in a lighter wash. They are comfortable, flattering and pair with almost everything in my closet. And don't worry – it's not the Hudson pocket from 20 years ago – the back is nice and minimal :)

This dress from The Great checks two boxes (pun intended) – puff sleeves and checks. It's extremely flattering and comfortable to wear. You can dress it up or down depending on your shoes and accessories.

This is the real reason we love fall, right? Stacks of cozy sweaters! This oversized cardigan from Jenni Kayne has been one of my most worn staples. It looks great with jeans, a jumpsuit and even a dress.

I love denim – I wear it everyday. So I've become a little picky – especially when it comes to fabric quality and fit. This pair of black denim from Citizen earns top marks for both quality and fit – plus they're extra flattering.

I’m pretty sure a Clare V will always be on any wardrobe list I create – they are just simple, stylish and practical. I love this one for when I’m on the sidelines of the soccer field or going out to a concert (yay for going back to concerts!)

I just really didn't want to have to say "shacket." This one from Madwell has earned the most questions from people on the street asking where I got it. The soft fabric, large front pockets and neutral buttons give it sophistication, while still allowing you to feel laid back. Plus, it keeps you nice and warm.

I've owned these Everlane clogs for 5 years and they're still my favorite. They truly go with everything – from a dress to a pair of jeans with a baggy concert tee. The woven leather gives them a bit more interest and I can wear them all day without getting sore!

We went to an outdoor concert a few weeks ago and I was able to finally wear my shearling Dr Martens... I had missed my feet being cozy! I've had these boots for a few years and wear them all day long when I can – to and from yoga, to work, out to dinner. And they get better the more worn they are.

There's nothing like a classic pair of Chucks. Sneakers are a consistent part of my wardrobe, but as wet weather rolls in, I'm putting away my white sneakers in favor of a pair that can handle the wet grass at soccer games, and inevitable marks that my children give all the shoes :)

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