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Labels I Love

More than being cute additions for finishing off an organizing project, labels are the little heroes that help uphold all the hard work you've done, and ensure the systems stay intact.

But some labels just work better for different spaces and provide the perfect fit for certain containers, bins or baskets. Here's a roundup of my favorites.

This one is my most-used over the past eight years. It's great for a larger container that you want everyone to see – think playroom, kid's closet, etc.

These label holders are truly some of my favorite. They're minimal and sleek, but also super functional for boxes and bins with lids. I love them especially in offices.

I love these adhesive labels for wood containers, or anything with a hard surface and not enough space for a bin clip. The adhesive is actually really strong, which is great – but you'll want to be sure you know exactly where you want them – they don't come off easily!

These labels come in so handy for drawers that hold lots of little items that truly need to be labeled (unlike a jar of crayons!). If someone's opening a baby's dresser, they'll absolutely need to know where the 0-3 month onesies are, versus the swaddles.

I'm a sucker for hand-written labels. They're one of a kind... and inexpensive!

Tips: buy a permanent white chalk marker. This way the label won't smudge each time you use the jar. To remove, simply use rubbing alcohol!

I always love finding new labels... so if you know of some that are fun or unique, send them my way!



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