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Marie Kondo Fridge Organization

I have fallen in love with new containers – and this might possibly be my favorite collection to hit The Container Store. Even the way the Marie Kondo line is packaged is beautiful – no plastic to be seen. And that's one of the things I appreciate the most – not only are her designs minimal and stunning, but they're sustainable. Ceramic containers, wood tops, metal hangers, and woven baskets. Such a perfect balance of form and function.

When Container Store kindly sent me a box of her fridge products, I was elated – you know how I love fridge organization. My kids think I organize it for fun... and yeah... they are 100% right. I loved seeing how some simple product swaps in my fridge not only changed the look of it, but also made us enjoy eating certain things more – eggs, berries.... even leftovers! :)

So if you've been on the hunt for more sustainable, yet equally beautiful, fridge swaps, you'll find them here. And bonus – you can use these products out of the fridge – I've already started using the wood lid containers in my pantry for dry goods. I can also see them being used in bathrooms for cotton balls, hair ties, etc. Wherever you use them, they'll instantly upgrade your space! I'll provide links for all the products at the end of the post.

I love the large containers for bulky veggies or leftovers that usually take up a lot of space. Because they're easily stackable you save vertical space in your fridge. Another added benefit of the ceramic containers is that you don't have to look at your leftovers ;)

On the other hand, these berry containers allow you to beautifully display bright bright red strawberries and deep purple blackberries. These have been my kids' favorites – they love that they can reach in and grab handfuls of fruit all day. I love that you can wash the berries in the containers and any excess water drains through the bottom onto the dish it sits on. So smart!

All of the lids have air-tight seals so food stays fresh. I've had these snap peas in mine for 6 days and they still crunch... which is good because my kids only eat them because of the sounds they make (whatever it takes, right?!)

The beverage holders are perfect for sparkling waters or wine, of course. I'm sure the latter will be stored on them all spring and summer.

Have you ever seen a prettier egg container? I think this might be my favorite piece in the collection. I'll just have a zen moment over here with my eggs....

I used a fine tip dry erase pen to label the containers so we know what's in everything. A little rubbing alcohol quickly takes the pen off so you can easily re-label as often as needed.

And just because I'm always getting questions about what's in my fridge doors, here they are!

If you're like me, and appreciate anything dishwasher safe – the ceramic bottoms can go in the dishwasher. Of course the beautiful wood tops need to be hand washed (worth it!).

Can't wait to see how you all use these beautiful items! Tag and I'll share your projects to inspire others!

Happy organizing!

xx - Holly

** This blog was sponsored by The Container Store but all pictures and opinions are my own.


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