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My Favorite Pantry Organization Products

I get asked this question more often than I would've imagined: what are your go-to products for pantry organization? And since pantries are one of my favorite areas to organize, the items that go in them are some of my favorites also. So this blog was a total treat for me to create for you (I'll try to hold off on more food puns).

Here's my list for transforming the look (and functionality!) of any pantry!

Stacking Baskets

Maximizing space is essential in any pantry. So is visibility. Stacking baskets accomplishes both goals. I love these Scala steel wire baskets because they're easy to grab snacks out of, and designed so simply – they'd look great in any pantry and mix with tons of other products.

Tosca Baskets

I used Tosca baskets on the first pantry I ever organized and I still use them in almost every pantry today. They are just so pretty! And the two sizes fit so many pantry items.

Bamboo Turntables

If you have tight corners of your pantry that are hard to organize, or you simply need a better solution for seeing and accessing your pantry staples, these are perfect. In this pantry, I placed them on risers to maximize space even more.

Can Risers

One of the key issues I see in pantries is expired or unused backstock because people can't see what they have. And when you don't know what you have, you keep buying more of the same thing. Anyone else have 10 cans of black beans (crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, etc,?!). Can risers are a quick and inexpensive solution.

Natural fiber baskets

I actually can't pick a favorite in this category – I love so many of them, and the color/type is really up to the client and what look they're going for. Right now I'm loving the new Marie Kondo line. It's beautifully made... and well made. I can tell it'll really stand up to the wear and tear of high-trafficked pantries. Some of my other go-to's are water hyacinth bins and whitewashed rattan bins. All total pantry heroes – especially for concealing treats you might want to keep for yourself ;)

Nordic Baskets

Not everything in pantries is for daily use or that you even want to see. I love Nordic Baskets for so many reasons: they stack, they come in different sizes to fit your space, they are made from recycled material, and like I mentioned, they conceal things you don't really want to look at everyday. I often organize items like seasonal bakeware, cake decorating tools, Halloween candy ;), party serving ware, etc.

Label Clips

Any well-organized pantry will be clearly labeled, and these white bin clips are always in my tool kit. They are so clean looking and you can swap out the little paper insert to update your inventory whenever you need to. TIP: buy blank business cards on Amazon so you have a backstock of label cards to write on. Of course, you can also print out labels if you rather avoid having to hand write them out!

There you have it – my go-to pantry products! I'll be sure to update this post if any others make their way into my top picks list!

Happy organizing!

xx - Holly

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** This blog was sponsored by The Container Store but all pictures and opinions are my own.

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