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Simple & Stylish Halloween Decorations

Much to my kid's displeasure, I don't deck out our lawn with inflatable Santas at Christmas, or zombies crawling out of the ground at Halloween (such a boring mom, I know). Mainly because we have a small home and not a ton of space to store a ton of decorations, and as a mom with 3 little kids, decorating our house sometime feels overwhelming.

But I also know how much my kid's love it – how fun it is to get out that season's holiday bin and hurriedly begin putting things up with the anticipation of the special day coming. So just like any organizing project that feels too daunting to begin, I start small and keep it simple. Oh, and I also try to pick decor that will neatly fit into a bin... of course :)

It also helps that we have a mini house (literally a mini replica of our house) in our backyard. That's some house decorating I can definitely wrap my head around! So with each main holiday, I focus on the mini house and our front door. Beyond that, I let my kids do their own thing in their room... because I'm not *that* uptight. Ha!

You came here to get the details, so here they are...

Felt ghost garland, striped flag garland, bats, and white pumpkins all purchased from Amazon. Easy to put up, easy to store after Halloween!

Of course no house of mine is complete without a basket from The Container Store.

I snagged this striped basket from Homegoods several years ago, but you can find a similar one, great for outdoors, here.

These sherpa pumpkins from Target's Dollar Spot were such a fun find... and sadly I can't get them online anymore... if anyone else can, email me! Buffalo check pumpkin from Amazon.

Saved the best for last – my favorite Halloween decoration is the mini "boo" flag from Imani Collective. I love the flag, but I also love that everything from Imani Collective is ethically made by empowered artisans in Kenya... the person who made your item(s) even signs a label on the back.

So there you have it – super simple, easy, and stylish Halloween decorations.

Happy Halloween!

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