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The May List

Here's a few of my favorite things for May...

White Wide Leg Denim

Let's just say... they're even worth the risk of wearing them around my kids.

Sustainable Clothes from St. Roche

Kule Stripes

I love all stripes... but especially Kule stripes.

Freda Salvador Slip-on Sneakers

The next best thing to a sandal... slip-on sneakers. And Freda has the best designs.

Janessa Leone Packable Hats

This hat had me at "packable".

Business & Pleasure Outdoor Ground Cushions

Outdoor picnics lounging on these cute pillows? I'm in!

Neon Rebels Lemon Gingham Pajamas

If you're in need of some new summer PJs... these are them. So fun!

Krewe Frames

I love this new summer design from my favorite eyewear brand. And this color is perfect for sunny days.

The Great Swim

I can't choose a favorite... I love them all.

Baybala Gingham Dress

The prettiest hue and most flattering design.

Today Pad

It's May madness... we could all use an extra notepad :)

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