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My Summer Bag Essentials!

Yes, I know. Everyone is talking about the back-to-school season. I even saw Halloween decorations at the grocery store this week. I'm still in summer mode over here… so why not give your summer bag an upgrade and some major organization love?

So here it is – the best bag with all of my summer favorites to keep things organized!

The Bag

Aloha Collection makes the perfect bags for summer – and for moms. Their bags are made with a special technical material to keep all your belongings protected against splashes, spills, and weather while you're at the pool, beach, or playground. It's also huge so you can pack tons in it, including towels.

The Organization

Since Aloha bags are basically indestructible and waterproof, I love using the various sizes of the smaller pouches to contain and organize categories like sunscreen, goggles, diapers and wet suits.

They are an absolute must for wet suits – you'll thank yourself later when the rest of your items aren't soaking. Bonus: you'll be using less plastic bags to store them!

The Hacks

As a mom of three, I've learned a few bag hacks over the years after learning the hard way (melted gummies at the bottom of my bag, spilled milk - my purse has seen it all). So, I've come up with some tricks that I use on a daily basis. Here are a few of the favorites:

Use Welly tins to contain anything. I love using them for snacks, hair ties, small toys (think Hatchimals or Lego bracelets), even little underwear rolled up! They're so handy for when you get to your location (pool, beach or restaurant) and one of your kiddos needs to chill with an activity – just hand them their tin with their favorite little toys.

My kids love them and they know each of their own colors so they are easy to grab from my bag.

Get an oversized key ring. Since summer bags are often big (or mom bags in general), it's all too easy to lose your keys – no matter how many times you try to remember to keep them in a specific pocket or clip them. I started using an oversized key ring a few years ago and it has saved me from digging trough my bag as I hold a kid/containers/groceries on my hip.

My favorites are from Ink + Alloy – they have such pretty designs and they are durable, which is important since things can get roughed up in our bags on a daily basis. They come in so many patterns and colors... which also make them really fun and easy gifts. Your friends will think you're brilliant. You are.

Never leave home without a spare top – especially in the summer. Between sweating, getting wet, or having popsicle hands wiped down my shirt, I'm always needing a spare top. This summer my go-to has been a white linen blouse from Carly Jean LA. It is lightweight, easy yet stylish, and looks good over/with anything you're wearing.

So there you have it! My summer bag essentials. Now head on over to the giveaway and enter to win all these goodies! Happy back-to-summer-still, friends! xx

Click here to enter the giveaway!

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