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Minimalist Master Bathroom Organization

This was a special project – the first one I've done for family (well, since we all lived in the same house an I used to drive them nuts with my home makeover ideas). My brother and sister-in-law recently moved into a home that they spent a year remodeling. It has so much charm, they have such beautiful style, and they needed some organization help.

What they had was lovely – but it didn't provide the storage space they needed, and it was essential that whatever I created tied in with the design. I knew that the Elfa Decor line would be perfect for this space and their needs. It's the perfect combo of utility + esthetics, and it feels completely custom.... well, because it is.

I designed the shelf online just from a few simple measurements they texted me. The boxes arrived at their door a few days later and the shelf was easily installed in less than an hour.

A few simple steps transformed it from the classic utility look to designer-bathroom worthy.

I love me some Elfa installs... but I love pretty product installs even more. Anyone else? The fun part of making this very functional shelf match the bathroom's beauty came next.

I brought in all my favorite products for bathroom: white lacquered trays, Tosca baskets...

Rattan baskets, and glass jars for some salt bath spa vibes.

All my sister-in-law's items blended beautifully with the products, and I had so much fun "shopping" their house to pull in some additional accessories...

I found the vase with eucalyptus (above) in their kitchen, and the books below on their living room coffee table (I'm sure they loved me roaming around their house snatching up items... all while two of my kids basically disorganized their cousins rooms).

And how about bathroom essentials?... I put bath towels in one large rattan basket, hair tools in the other, hand towels in the white tosca basket, back stock in a small rattan bin, hair products in the other, and all the lovely little bottles of perfumes on the white trays.

They officially had enough storage, and then some. Plus a way to hold it all in a way that felt true to their style. The key takeaway here?: If you have an empty wall – whether it's 12 inches wide or 120 inches wide, you can create storage space... and BEAUTIFUL storage space. So now you just get to decide where it will be – your playroom, pantry, closet, bathroom? Happy planning, happy organizing, everyone!

Full list of products used:

** This blog was sponsored by The Container Store but all pictures and opinions are my own.

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