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Simple Gift Wrap Organization

Basics of Wrapping Organization

Always searching through the pile of holiday gift wrap? The gift tags and bows buried in the cluttered closet? All of the searching takes so much time and energy. Since I’m really focusing on creating space (externally, as well as internally) during this season, simplifying even the smallest tasks makes a big impact.

As I’m creating my own gift wrap zone and preparing, I’d love to share my tips on how and where to store things like wrapping paper, ribbon, and gift bags — making it easier to find what you need, wrap the gifts, and place them under the tree quickly and easily. The less complicated the process, the more time you save for self-care, fun outings, or family traditions.

The Foundation

If you’ve followed Breathing Room for a while now, you know I love a great back-of-door system. Using this under utilized space creates a visible, tidy area with everything you need in sight. My post here walks you through exactly what you will need to create a back of door system that is custom fit to house all of your wrapping essentials.

Out of door space or just want a seasonal option? You can always store your holiday wrap in a bin in the garage or attic to pull out during the holiday season. If you’re tight on garage space, this bin can slide under your bed or in a guest bedroom.

Here are a few other great options!

The Extras

I love any organizing product that’s versatile and these are my go-to organizers for those gift wrap accessories that you’d prefer to store on a shelf or nested within a larger bin.

This card sorter was a creation of my own because I couldn't find one I loved. You can order the two pieces in the link above!

Happy wrapping, everyone!

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