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Your 5 Favorite Breathing Room Product Hacks

1. Clear Drawer Bin for Garbage Bags

Packaging is typically the first thing to go when I'm creating an organized space because it saves space, cuts down on visual clutter, and makes everything more functional. This hack is my most-loved post on my Pinterest page for a reason! It is an absolute game changer when it comes to storing garbage bags and easily pulling out the one that you need — no more pulling out multiple at a time or having the box be pulled out along with it! The drawer holds the current roll and extra bags, while leaving that small handle space for the bag to pull through.

2. Wrapping Paper Rack for American Girl Dolls

This Christmas my daughter doubled her American Girl doll collection (from 1 to 2), but those dolls come with a ton of accessories. So I needed to get creative about a better way to store the dolls and their stuff. I didn't like how we were tossing the dolls into a bin – I wanted to teach my kids to take better care of their items that require care. Since I had an extra back-of-door organizer in my garage (I always use them for clients), I turned it into an American Girl doll station. It could also totally work for barbies... or basically any other toy collection your child has.

3. Shoe Hanger for Trucks and Toys

Since my kids never actually put their shoes in this organizer... I decided to put it to work as a home for my son's trucks. This was a huge win since those trucks take up so much space in bins and my son LOVES putting them back now. This setup could also work great for Barbies.

4. Tea Container for Everything!

One of the best things about bins, baskets, containers, and organizers is that they can almost always be used for several purposes! Tea containers have small sections for types of tea but one of my favorite ways to use them is for all of those gift wrap accessories. No more digging around in drawers or bags trying to find that perfect ribbon or tag! This can be used for so many small items in the same category — small toys, office supplies, craft items, etc. They can all be sorted nicely in an easy-to-see, easy-to-use acrylic case.

5. Expandable Utensil Organizer for your Bathroom

This hack looks pretty but also saves SO MUCH TIME in the morning. How much time have you spent digging through a bathroom drawer in the morning looking for the right makeup brush or the nail clippers?! It can be so frustrating. I've noticed that having all of the morning and nighttime essentials organized in these expandable organizers saves so much stress and helps give back some of that valuable energy and headspace each day.

There you go – my most-used, well-loved, life-changing (to me at least!) product hacks. Hope you're able to use some of them in your own home! Tag Breathing Room on Instagram and let me know how they go!



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